We make designs in which we believe #fromParistoyou with love


I wish to propose a fashion travel line based on traveling as a way of life. An exclusive and cosmopolitan wardrobe for women who are bidding for escape, authenticity and originality. I have always adhered to green luxury, this is why I have chosen to center my brand on the quality of fabrics and  savoir-faire. I share with you the spirit of my brand FLORIANE FOSSO and its From Paris To collections with passion and transparency.  



Beautiful fabrics 

Fabrics are the soul of clothes. The ready-to-wear collections From Paris to are made out of love for quality fabrics. The collections' fabrics come from luxury houses' previous collections, we call it luxury upcycling, this process gives a second life to fabrics. We also use natural and organic fabrics such as raffia and recycled materials. As for accessories, I opted for premium leather scraps from non-protected species. From Paris to: it's two collections a year as well as limited edition capsule collections for slow fashion seasons. We believe this is a sustainable way to go back to the real essence of luxury: exclusivity and heritage.  



Savoir Faire 

Dreamt all over the world but handmade in Paris. The collections are made by hand, one by one, with a view to preserve textile savoir-faire in France and out of passion for traditional couture work. The accessories are also made in France in the South of France near Lyon. 



We are a human-size label from Paris with a cosmopolitan spirit. Sharing, giving, listening, tweeting, telling, being touched about fashion and travels: this is the philosophy of From Paris to by Floriane Fosso.