Fabrics are the soul of clothes. The ready-to-wear collections From Paris to are made out of love for quality fabrics.

The designer carefully upcycles beautiful fabrics from Haute Couture houses in Europe. Half of the collections' fabrics come from luxury houses' previous collections, we call it ‘luxury upcycling’, this process gives a second life to fabrics.

We also use natural and organic fabrics such as raffia and recycled materials. As for accessories, Floriane opted for premium leather scraps from non-protected species. From Paris to: it's two collections a year as well as limited edition capsule collections for slow fashion seasons. We believe this is a sustainable way to go back to the real essence of accessible luxury: exclusivity and heritage.  


Parisian Chic in a conscious and sustainable way.

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Floriane Fosso created her brand out of passion for beautiful fabrics and traditional savoir faire. Her collections are local and handmade in European and fair trade workshops. They are rooted in the realities of their environment and the people who make them. That is why we run special projects in order to preserve the nature, animals and people. Our T shirts and sweaters are exclusively made with ultra soft organic cotton in certified fair trade workshops (Fair Wear foundation).


Once a year we donate 10% of our sales to a charity and support annual causes such as La Tablée des Chefs last year fighting against food waste. Our inks and packaging are 100% eco friendly.