Credit: Airisa Photography @airisa_photography 

Credit: Airisa Photography @airisa_photography 


Let me tell you about Cindy Yu alias the Vancouverite, founder of The Vancouverite blog, a classy and eclectic fashion and lifestyle blog. She perfectly embodies the spirit of a From Paris to Girl. She is Canadian and lives in Vancouver. She used to live in Paris several years ago, she just loves the city, she is from Vancouver to Paris to Vancouver…

It is in Paris however that we first met in March in my first showroom, remember? At my pop up store in Montmartre. Thank you Instagram for a wonderful encounter! After exchanging some lovely comments on our accounts, she finally visited my showroom and discovered the first From Paris to collection last Spring. I could not think of a better ambassador for the Holiday Collection than Cindy: joyful, sparkly, classy, here are the looks that she picked for a glittery and warm holiday in Vancouver.




Saturday Sequins

"This Floriane Fosso dress that I slipped into - right after my bath of roses at the Fairmont Pacific Rim - is no exception. Scratch that. It's absolutely exceptional. Sensual and creative (you can rub your hands over the fabric and it will create a new pattern as the sequins are two-toned (black one side, gold on the other). Not only do I look and feel sexy in this dress, I end up attracting people who simply want to draw their owns designs on it. How cool is that?!?" 



A blue Christmas

"Not to worry - I’m not feeling blue, loves. I’m just inspired by the beautiful sapphire jewel tones on this bomber jacket paired with a microsuede sleeveless dress - part of Floriane Fosso's holiday collection."

"During December, I’m often reminded of the delightful time I had in Paris during the Holidays that one year before my boyfriend moved to Vancouver. The snow gently falling while we roamed through the stalls at the Christmas Markets in the City of Light. There’s nothing more romantic than walking hand-in-hand, sipping "vin chaud" (mulled wine) down the Champs Elysees and just mesmerized by all the Christmas lights. So when Floriane sent me these beautiful Holiday pieces from Paris to wear for the season, I jumped at the chance - it couldn’t have been a more perfect occasion."  

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