Unfortunately, I didn’t stay for long in Vancouver, only for four days, but four days were enough to capture its unique vibrant and cool essence. As soon as you are leaving the airport and are on the road to get to Vancouver, you are amazed by the wide green landscapes that are surrounding you, you can also feel the boho and relaxed vibes thanks to the ocean just a few kilometers away.

There are just so many different atmospheres and settings in this city that I liked: mountains, the ocean, lovely pedestrian streets with niche boutiques, a boho area, the old city in contrat with business towers and wonderful green landscapes. Here is what I had time to see and what I loved:

My 5 top best spots for a weekend in Vancouver


Buy affordable designer fabric at ATEX Designer Fabric, 330 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1K6, Canada, phone: +1 604-669-3455.

Credit: Atex Designer Fabric

Credit: Atex Designer Fabric


Discover one of the top Aveda schools and get a cheap blowdry from experts.

Aveda Institute Vancouver, 111 Water St#101, Vancouver, BC V6B 1A7, Canada, phone: +1 604-669-6992.

Credit: Study Magazine

Credit: Study Magazine

Find beautiful interior design accessories at Parliament Interiors, you won't resist!

Parliament Interiors, 115 Water Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: +1604.689.080015. 

Credit: Parliaments Interiors 

Credit: Parliaments Interiors 

Get inspired at Secret Location, Water Street #1, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1A1, Canada, phone: +1 604.685.0090.

Credit: Secret Location 

Credit: Secret Location 

Taste delicious meals at Gyoza Bar, 622 Pender St W | Near Seymour Street, Vancouver, Canada, phone: +1 604-336-5563. 

Credit: Family Bao Board 

Credit: Family Bao Board 

To be continued...

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Credit: Airisa Photography @airisa_photography 

Credit: Airisa Photography @airisa_photography 


Let me tell you about Cindy Yu alias the Vancouverite, founder of The Vancouverite blog, a classy and eclectic fashion and lifestyle blog. She perfectly embodies the spirit of a From Paris to Girl. She is Canadian and lives in Vancouver. She used to live in Paris several years ago, she just loves the city, she is from Vancouver to Paris to Vancouver…

It is in Paris however that we first met in March in my first showroom, remember? At my pop up store in Montmartre. Thank you Instagram for a wonderful encounter! After exchanging some lovely comments on our accounts, she finally visited my showroom and discovered the first From Paris to collection last Spring. I could not think of a better ambassador for the Holiday Collection than Cindy: joyful, sparkly, classy, here are the looks that she picked for a glittery and warm holiday in Vancouver.




Saturday Sequins

"This Floriane Fosso dress that I slipped into - right after my bath of roses at the Fairmont Pacific Rim - is no exception. Scratch that. It's absolutely exceptional. Sensual and creative (you can rub your hands over the fabric and it will create a new pattern as the sequins are two-toned (black one side, gold on the other). Not only do I look and feel sexy in this dress, I end up attracting people who simply want to draw their owns designs on it. How cool is that?!?" 



A blue Christmas

"Not to worry - I’m not feeling blue, loves. I’m just inspired by the beautiful sapphire jewel tones on this bomber jacket paired with a microsuede sleeveless dress - part of Floriane Fosso's holiday collection."

"During December, I’m often reminded of the delightful time I had in Paris during the Holidays that one year before my boyfriend moved to Vancouver. The snow gently falling while we roamed through the stalls at the Christmas Markets in the City of Light. There’s nothing more romantic than walking hand-in-hand, sipping "vin chaud" (mulled wine) down the Champs Elysees and just mesmerized by all the Christmas lights. So when Floriane sent me these beautiful Holiday pieces from Paris to wear for the season, I jumped at the chance - it couldn’t have been a more perfect occasion."  

Find more on The Vancouveriteblog.com

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In the heart of the fashion week, designer Floriane Fosso hosted a pre opening party at her first boutique in Paris. 

An intimate party rue de Montpensier, in Palais Royal district where she revealed her new cocoon, a place where fashion meets travels. From October 19th, her team will welcome you in a lifestyle store to offer you a conceptual shopping experience.

Find more pictures on our Facebook page 

For her first store, Floriane Fosso, founder of the traveling collections label "From Paris to" thought of a concept store that looks just like her: a cosmopolitan and sharing place. Her shop turns into a unique space of influences and different personalities gathering fashion, travel, beauty and lifestyle.

On the occasion of a permanent pop up corner, Floriane invites other designers to take part in the life of her concept store. Each new participation is an opportunity for Floriane to unveil her world, her influences and introduce her exclusive selections. This Fall, discover jewels from Juliette Laloë, Gisele B, shoes from Pairs in Paris and accessories from Lovely Socks and Letter Press. Then relax at our beautiful nail bar. 


39 rue de Montpensier, Paris Ist District 

Metro Palais Royal or Pyramides 

From Tuesday to Saturday, 10.30 am to 7.30 pm

Pictures by @annayakovleva_com 





Could you tell me more about the projects you have been working on since you left the Cours Simon? 

When I finished the courses in 2010, I had the opportunity to act directly in “Une Journée Ordinaire” play with my father - ndlr Alain Delon,  for four months at the Bouffes Parisiens theater. Then in September 2013, we went on tour in France with the same play for six months and it was an amazing experience. I carried on with Hibernatus in November 2014. I am currently working on a new play with Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt and this time it will be played at the Rives Gauche Theater. For the moment, I actually mainly go on stage and it is a lot of fun!

How is it to go on stage for the first time?

It’s very scary!! I was impressed to start in a theater this big with a large audience! However, it was pretty exciting and it still is. The bond between the actors is so close and immediate audience is one of my favorite parts.

I saw you acting with Ingrid Chauvin in Hibernatus at the Michaudière theater. I felt very emotional and proud of you. I saw a young talent rising. Can you talk about this amazing experience?

My experience with Hibernatus really left a mark on me. I used to go on stage but for a play with no more than 4 characters. For this play, we were 7. We were a real troupe in harmony. It was incredible! The play was particularly rhythmic, it was pretty intense as a teamwork for 1h30 but our group was very solid. Many young actors were in the troupe and for most of us it was our first real work on stage. For me, since the first play I acted in was with my father, it was different. Here I got my very first job by myself with people I did not know. I will remember this wonderful experience my whole life.

Do you have any advice you will never forget?

There are lots. However one in particular I gave myself, it is actually more of a course of action than an advice: each night, play as if it was the last time. It motivates you to put all your energy into it and really have fun.

Who would you say is your cinema or theater icon?

I have always admired Elizabeth Taylor, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts. The three of them are actresses with strength and a lot of humour. For the theater, it is more about authors such as Tennessee Williams whom I endlessly look up to. He is the reason why I started to be interested in acting!

I follow your Instagram account and I know you enjoy fashion. What are your style inspirations?

It is true that I am starting slowly to get interested in fashion - which was not the case a few years ago, just makeup. I do not have a particular style. I rather like wearing simple things such as boots or sneakers. On the other hand, I really enjoy the 60s’ fashion and Audrey Hepburn.

Do you agree with the following: Fashion enables you to feel good and assert yourself ?

Of course fashion makes people feel good! And I think, it can also help to have self-confidence. This is what it did with me. You feel prettier and consequently happier. However I especially believe a woman asserts herself through her personality. Fashion still helps. It emphasizes the personality a woman already has.

French actress Anouchka Delon is wearing a 2015 limited edition Floriane Fosso dress. Picture shot by photographer Mélanie Rey at Regent's Garden Hotel**** in Paris.