The idea of creating a label for women composed of the most beautiful fabrics and inspired by her different travels was obvious to Floriane Fosso during her fashion trip to Shanghai in Fall 2014.

The effervescent dynamism and creativity of that cosmopolitan city was the triggering factor to start blogging and sharing her fashion inspirations, cultural experiences, and different savoir faire that she was discovering. The interest for her blog and her first designs formed the genesis and energy to create her own label. The adventure began for the From Paris To line. 

Paris is the starting point of her From Paris to collections. Each new season, she invites you to discover new destinations and inspirations for effortlessly elegant and cosmopolitan collections. As a passionate of conscious luxury and slow fashion, her designs are made out of luxury fabric scraps in exclusive quantities in French workshops.

I am a #FROMPARISTOGIRL: JOYFUL, curious, a fabric hunter, an unstoppable traveler, and you?”

Picture credit: Irma - Refashion Gallery