The young designer launched her ready to wear line in 2016 with the idea of creating a sustainable and cosmopolitan label for women rooted in the finest fabrics. She made that possible thanks to a conscious sourcing approach and partnerships with family workshops in Europe.

French, Cameroonian, Polish and Belgian, Floriane is always on the move and ready for a new travel, a new adventure. The designer revamps the traditional meaning of French-girl style while turning the traditions of French haute couture into a conscious fashion label.

After studying luxury marketing at EMLYONBusiness School and design at the London Fashion School of Central St. Martin’s, Fosso worked in New York alongside the industry’s leading fashion designers. Soon after, while studying conscious fashion and advising in Shanghai as a luxury advisor for JC Decaux, Fosso found inspiration from living in the bustling city and began a blog where she shared her first designs. The interest for her designs formed the genesis and energy to create her own label.

Based in Paris, she carefully upcycles quality materials from haute couture houses in France and Italy, she also uses natural and organic fabrics. Upcycling also means limited available quantities! Indeed, Floriane is using what's left of the high-end fabrics taken from Haute Couture Houses but it means that the quantity is limited. What is more attractive that limited quantities? You don't want to miss the opportunity to acquire these rare pieces and differentiate yourself!

I am a #FROMPARISTOGIRL: JOYFUL, curious, a fabric hunter, an unstoppable traveler, and you?”

Picture credit: MARTIN LAGARDÈRE